Coronavirus Stratford: Confirmed Cases Reach Double Digits

This article originally appeared on the Stratford Patch

STRATFORD, CT — With another four cases of the new coronavirus confirmed by the state in the last day, Stratford’s total number of confirmed cases had risen to 11 as of Wednesday.

The new patients included one in their 70s, two in their 40s and one in their 30s, according to a town news release. As with previous cases, the new patients are self-quarantining to reduce exposure to the new coronavirus, also called COVID-19.

“As expected, we are getting new cases of COVID-19 confirmed by state authorities rapidly in Stratford just as we are in the rest of the state,” Director of Health Andrea Boissevain said in the news release.

As of Wednesday, there were 875 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus across Connecticut, with 546 of those in Fairfield County, according to state data.

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Boissevain stressed the importance of social distancing and urged anyone with symptoms such as fever, cough and difficulty breathing contact their doctor and isolate themselves.

“While we must remain apart as much as possible to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, our community has come together in amazing ways,” Mayor Laura Hoydick said in the news release.

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