Coronavirus: Texas Gets Nearly 6K New Cases In A Single Day

Tony Cantu

AUSTIN, TX — The number of cases of the coronavirus in Texas hit a new all-time high on Thursday with nearly 6,000 additional cases, and 47 more people died of the respiratory illness across the state in bringing the historical death count to 2,296.

The grim milestone represents another record in a week that saw a succession of greater numbers every day amid rising illness rates. Updated data are found on a dashboard maintained by the Texas Department of State Health Services. According to the data, 131,917 people have contracted the respiratory-illness-causing virus since the onset of disease across Texas. Of those, the dashboard shows 74,496 people have recovered.

The number of new cases posted on Thursday was 5,996 — the biggest single-day spike to date. The total of active cases stands at 55,125, as shown on the dashboard.

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As illustrated on the portal, the counties with the greatest concentrations of illness are:

  • Harris County: 25,786 cases, including 15,077 active cases.
  • Dallas County: 18,135 cases, 5,867 active.
  • Tarrant County: 9,846 cases, 4,493 active.
  • Bexar County: 7,814 cases, 4,392 active.
  • Travis County: 6,914 cases, 1,686 active.
  • El Paso County: 4,984 cases, 1,222 active.
  • Fort Bend County: 3,267 cases, 1,906 active.
  • Potter County: 2,843 cases, 1,138 active.
  • Hidalgo County: 2,503 cases, 1297 active.
  • Collin County: 2,449 cases, 952 active.

In terms of fatalities, the counties recording the most deaths since the onset of illness in Texas are:

  • Harris County: 346 deaths.
  • Dallas County: 328 deaths.
  • Tarrant County: 215 deaths.
  • El Paso County: 125 deaths.
  • Travis County: 116 deaths.
  • Bexar County: 104 deaths.
  • Cameron County: 52 deaths.
  • Fort Bend County: 51 deaths.
  • Lubbock County: 51 deaths.
  • Galveston County: 40 deaths.

The dramatic illness increases prompted Gov. Greg Abbott to temporarily pause the ongoing reopening of the economy — even after numerous businesses have already reopened since May 1. Texas was the second state in the nation to start reopening of its economy, launching its economic re-ignition one week after Georgia.

Abbott also prohibited elective surgeries from taking place in order to accommodate potential surges in patients at the state's hospitals.

After having made the wearing of masks optional in late April while extolling the virtues of "personal responsibility" Abbott now is highly urging their use amid the record-setting pace of new illness: "When you go out, you should wear a face covering or mask," he said during a Monday news conference on Monday. "I also know that wearing a mask will help us keep Texas open."

This article originally appeared on the Austin Patch