Coronavirus: Travis County Illness Count Grows To 2,761

Tony Cantu

AUSTIN, TX — The number of cases of the coronavirus rose by 49 on Friday, bringing the total count to 2,761. No additional deaths were reported for the 24-hour period.

The statistics related to the respiratory illness are included in a dashboard updated daily by Austin Public Health. On Thursday, 68 additional cases of coronavirus were reported, with an additional death — bringing the total death count to 83.

Amid the grim statistics, health officials reported the number of patients who have recovered from illness rose to 948 from the 937 recorded the previous day.

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But the disproportionate rate of illness affecting Hispanics continue to grow. According to the dashboard, 59 percent of those testing positive for the illness are Hispanic even though they represent some 49 percent of the citywide population. The previous day, health officials reported the percentage of Hispanic patients as comprising 54 percent of the total illness count.

The increasing rate of illness came during a week of incremental openings of businesses as the governor seeks to reignite the state economy stalled by the illness spread. By gubernatorial decree, myriad businesses and activities resumed, with more slated by month's end.

Gov. Greg Abbott provided dates for the openings at a press conference announcing another phase of his economic kick start:

  • Child Care Centers (May 18)
  • Massage and Personal-Care Centers (May 18)
  • Youth Clubs (May 18)
  • Rodeo and Equestrian Events (May 22)
  • Bowling Alleys, Bingo Halls, Simulcast Racing and Skating Rinks (May 22)
  • Bars (May 22)
  • Aquariums and Natural Caverns (May 22)
  • Zoos (May 29)
  • Day Youth Camps (May 31)
  • Overnight Youth Camps (May 31)
  • Youth Sports (May 31)
  • Certain professional sports without in-person spectators (May 31)

Previously, Abbott called for restaurants, movie theaters and malls to reopen albeit at limited occupancy. The following week, the governor allowed more businesses to open, including barbershops, tanning booths and nail salons.

This article originally appeared on the Austin Patch