Cory Curtis: Week 1 NFL Power Rankings

It’s Power Rankings time again in the NFL. First, let me say I hate off-season rankings because teams are incomplete, so I hesitate to do them. Week 1 rankings are difficult, but a necessary evil, so here we go.

Oh, if you don’t like it, do your own rankings


32. Arizona Cardinals – Leaders in the clubhouse for Caleb Williams

31. Indianapolis Colts – Realize this… Anything positive about the Colts is something Jim Irsay can tear down in seconds.

30. Houston Texans – I actually really liked what the Texans did on draft day and have some hope they can be better than this if CJ Stroud develops quickly.

29. Los Angeles Rams – If Matt Stafford can not stay healthy they could really press the Cards for the right to draft first overall.

28. Carolina Panthers – Bryce Young was amazing at Alabama, but holy smokes is he tiny. I hope they can keep him standing.

27. Tampa Bay Bucs – It is possible the NFC South has overtaken the AFC South as the worst division in football!!!

26. Las Vegas Raiders – Why do New England people seem to have to surround themselves with former New England people. Do they trust no one else?

25. New England Patriots – I know Belichick is amazing. Got it. The roster is not, the division is good and he is not amazing enough to push the over .500.

24. Denver Broncos – Russell Wilson was so incredibly horrible I have to see that Sean Payton has fixed him to truly believe it.

23. Chicago Bears – There is a lot of reason for optimism, but after winning 3 games last year there is even more to prove for my beloved Monsters of the Midway.

22. Washington Commanders – New ownership, a new QB and a healthy Chase Young, I can see this team climbing the charts but it’s Washington and it’s been a minute.

21. Cleveland Browns – Will Deshaun Watson return to form? Again, it’s a popular stance here, I need to see it.

20. Atlanta Falcons – I like Arthur Smith. I like the weapons they have added. I have not seen enough from Desmond Ridder for me to believe.

19. Green Bay Packers – How many unproven quarterbacks do I have to talk about on here!!!???

18. Pittsburgh Steelers – OK, here’s one more. Kenny Pickett really struggled as a rookie, but led 5 TD drives in 5 series in the preseason. Is he ready to breakout?

17. New Orleans Saints – Why am I supposed to believe in Dennis Allen as a head coach. Good defensive coach, but there’s a difference.

16. New York Giants – They need Jalin Hyatt to become a big play threat because Paris Campbell and Darius Slayton ain’t it.

15. Minnesota Vikings – This team went 13-4 last season but somehow gave up more points than they scored? That just sounds like a recipe for disaster this year.

14. Jacksonville Jaguars – I need more than a 9-8 record to believe they are the “class” of the AFC South and ready to rock through a first place schedule.

13. Seattle Seahawks – Another weapon for Geno Smith with Jaxono Smith-Njigba. He should have another big year no matter how crazy that sounds to me.

12. Tennessee Titans – Their defensive front 7 should keep them in every game this season. If the offensive line gels they will be a problem.

11. Los Angeles Chargers – Justin Herbert has 262-million reasons to take this team to the next level.

10. Baltimore Ravens – Is Odell Beckham a 1,000 yard receiver? Is Jadeveon Clowney still a legit pass rusher? So why do I have them 10th?

9. Detroit Lions – The hype train is chugging thru Motown, history says this prediction is a horrific mistake.

8. Miami Dolphins – It all hinges on Tua Tagavailoa doing

something he has not been able to before, that’s staying healthy.

7. New York Jets – If Zach Wilson truly held the Jets back like we thought he did then this team should be a handful.

6. Dallas Cowboys- Feels like a make or break year in Dallas. Too many good players not to achieve great things.

5. Buffalo Bills – I feel like we all have Bills fatigue. They have been knocking on the door for years, is Josh Allen actually over going to open it and walk in?

4. San Francisco 49ers – Loaded roster and yes I believe in Brock Purdy. He just has to stay healthy.

3. Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Burrow is going to hoist the Lombardi at some point, while he is under his rookie contract would be a pretty good time.

2. Philadelphia Eagles – Love the talent the Eagles have amassed, but they were among the healthiest teams in the league last season. Can it all come together 2 years in a row?

1. Kansas City Chiefs – To be the man you have to beat the man and right now Andy Reid is the man in coaching and Patrick Mahomes is at quarterback. So you’ve got to beat 2 of them!!!

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