Cosmic fans gather for UAE Comic Con

STORY: Welcome to the Middle East Film & Comic Con

From Batgirl

to Flash from 'The Avengers'

almost 22,000 cosplayers and fans came together for the event

SOUNDBITE (SALES EXECUTIVE FOR COMIC CON, JUAN FELIPE CANO, SAYING): “Middle East Comic Con is the biggest pop culture show in the region. We’ve been doing this for 9 years and this is our 10 year anniversary, it’s happening in Abu Dhabi at ADNEC.”


“I’ve been doing that (attending Comic Con) for five years, just as a different character. I was a werewolf, a scary werewolf, and this year I am wearing the ‘Babadook’ – from the horror movie. They scare the children who don’t want to sleep.”

SOUNDBITE (COMIC CON ATTENDANT, VALENTINE OCOLIE: “I want to support Comic Con, and I love this ‘Flash’ costume – that’s why I’m here.”

SOUNDBITE (COMIC CON ATTENDANT, ASDAF: “I have a passion for cosplaying, and this is one of the most well-known events of cosplaying in the UAE.”