Cost To Cross Delaware River Getting Higher Starting Sunday

Howard Monroe reports.

Video Transcript

- The cost to cross the Delaware River is getting more expensive. Starting today, a toll hike takes effect at eight river crossings. Eyewitness News reporter, Howard Monroe, is live in Cherry Hill this morning to tell us more about the jump in tolls, as well as rising prices at the pump. Good morning, Howard.

HOWARD MONROE: Good morning to you. Yes, those summer road trip are going to likely be a lot more expensive this coming summer. Not only are gas prices likely going up, but also the bridge tolls in some of our area's summer hot spots, they are going up as well. Now, here are the bridges that are impacted. They are the Scudder Falls, the Trenton-Morrisville, New Hope-Lambertville, the I-78 Toll Bridge, Easton-Phillipsburg, as well as the Portland-Columbia, Delaware Water Gap, and Milford-Montague. Now this is the first time in a decade that the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission is having a system wide increase. The commission tells Eyewitness News the increase is to offset the decline in revenue due to the pandemic. Now if you're using E-ZPASS, the increase will go up a quarter from $1.00 to $1.25, but a person using cash will see an increase of $2.00 and will be paying $3.00. Now as for the gas prices, gas companies are switching over to a more environmentally friendly, summer blend of gasoline that is more expensive to produce. Combine that with the gas tax hike back in October and drivers will likely feel it in the wallet. Pandemic-related lockdowns forced gas prices down last year. That will likely not be the case this year.

GARY SPATOLA: I know we're paying a lot more right now. I'm not happy about it. Things are a struggle now as it is.

JANA TIDWELL: We expect that gas prices will likely hold relatively steady going through the summer months, but that will all change if something happens to impact the price of crude oil.

HOWARD MONROE: Now as for the tolls of Port Authority, they are not increasing their tolls, so tolls for the Ben Franklin Bridge, they are staying steady. The Port Authority says that they actually scrapped plans to increase those tolls because of the pandemic. Now as for the Toll Commission, they say that if you would like to save some money, you can get an E-ZPASS. Live in Cherry Hill, Howard Monroe, CBS3, Eyewitness News.

- All right, Howard. Thank you.