‘It cost him his life.’ Suspect drowns trying to flee Doral police

David Goodhue

A man died early Friday morning after running from police and jumping into a canal in Doral.

Around 2 a.m., a city of Doral police officer received a dispatch of a stolen car, with the tag number and a description of the vehicle, said Miami-Dade police spokesman Argemis Colome.

While driving on Northwest 97th Avenue, the officer saw the car almost immediately after receiving the dispatch, Colome said.

Doral police spokesman Rey Valdes said the officer began to follow the suspect, but the car turned onto Northwest 94th Avenue, which dead-ends into a warehouse complex.

There was no pursuit, Valdes said.

“There was no chase,” he said. “The cop knew he was going into a dead end. He alerted other officers. He didn’t even turn his lights on.”

The driver of the car, which police described as a four-door sedan, got out and jumped into the canal.

When he didn’t come out, divers with Miami-Dade police went in the water and found his body, Colome said.

“Unfortunately, it cost him his life,” Colome said.

Police did not identify him because his next of kin have not been notified. He was only described as a “white male.”