Costco Shooter Who Killed Disabled Shopper Was An Off-Duty Cop

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    Where's the video? We all know they have it. There is no way this happened the way we're being told. It doesn't make sense.
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    Chumps 4 Trump
    "The off-duty officer insisted on being taken to the hospital the night of the shooting, but it wasn’t clear that he was injured, a police spokesman told reporters after the confrontation. The officer’s child was uninjured". Lets see the medical report.
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    I love how they try to spin these stories based on what people that weren't there say. How about check the cameras and find some witnesses instead of making up what happened.
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    Can you imagine the cop unloading rounds while he had a xhild in his arms. Plus several witnesses said it was the wife who was holding the baby. In the name of transparency, ALL videos of the incident should be made public
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    Costco has plenty of footage with their cameras.....this should not be too difficult to figure out! They already know exactly what happened, this is not a mystery!
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    This whole thing doesn't pass the smell test. Police initially stated there was an argument proceeding the shooting but then come out and say the officer was attacked without provocation. If there was indeed an argument, who was it with since the deceased was supposedly non-verbal? Police stated the officer was holding the child and dropped him to the ground when attacked, but a witnesses supposedly has come forward to say the wife was holding the child. Family says the deceased was a gentle giant and the parents were the sweetest people, why did they get into a confrontation that escalated to a shooting? If the officer and his child were attacked and he feared for their safety, how did both the deceased parents end up shot and in critical condition? I really hope there's enough video surveillance and witness testimony to get to the bottom of this.
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    Hopefully the parents will live to tell their of the story as well as the video footage.
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    pretty sure Costco has video cameras throughout the store so let's look at the video from the store cameras before we make a decision
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    The first witness who is not the police dept has come forward and said the cop was not holding his child. That sounded like an embelishment from the beggining.
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    Guaranteed that there's video from Costco's security cameras. The truth will come out, one way or the other.