Costco’s Massive Pumpkin Pies Are Back—But Pricier Than In The Past

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One of the many markers of the onset of fall is Costco's bakery section. When seasonal sweets start popping up, you can almost feel the chill in the air and will want to start planning our your Thanksgiving menu. And in that case, you should know the massive pumpkin pies are back at Costco for the season. Praise be!!

Costco is known for following the "bigger is better" mentality—like, have you seen their massive Wine Advent Calendars?! Their fall pumpkin pies are no different, with a 12-inch diameter, each pie weighs in at over three pounds, so there's enough to go around if you have a big family gathering around your Thanksgiving table this year.

The thing is, in the past Costco's three-pound pumpkin pies would sell for $5.99, and it looks like this year the price has increased. Not by much though, thankfully, and you can still get the fall dessert on your spread for $6.99 according to reports by some Costco fan accounts. This difference in price shouldn't be a shock, as groceries everywhere are hiking up prices as bit due to supply chain issues and supply and demand related to the ongoing pandemic.

Regardless, if you have a bigger crowd to feed this year for Thanksgiving or want to ensure you have enough leftovers to freeze after dinner, this pie is the answer to all of those needs. While you go and pick it up, don't be afraid to peruse their Advent Calendars too, because those are already in stores to get you pumped for Christmas.

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