Costco's typical shopper is a 39-year-old Asian American woman earning over $125K a year, report says

If you know a 39-year-old Asian American woman who makes more than $125,000 annually, chances are she shops at Costco.

Who said so: The portrait of the retail giant’s typical shopper comes from Numerator, a Chicago-based market intelligence firm focused on omnichannel marketing, merchandising and sales data. The company says it “wakes up every day looking to provide brands and retailers with the most complete view of the modern consumer.”

  • Data prepared for Insider shows that Costco's typical shopper is a married Asian American woman between 35 and 44 years old who lives in a city in the Pacific Northwest. She holds a four-year degree and earns more than $125,000 a year.

  • This woman visits Costco on a weekend day every two to three weeks, picking up nine products for a sum of $114 each trip. She spends most of her money on groceries and personal care items, along with lots of "Duracell batteries and Adidas apparel."

What people are saying: The report has drawn various reactions on social media, but many seem to support the data. One Twitter user wrote, “Is this a bad time to say I was introduced to Costco by an Asian American woman between 35 and 44 years old who is married and living in a city in the Pacific Northwest?”

  • “I feel simultaneously so seen and so attacked,” another user wrote. “Damn you, my beloved Costco.”

  • It turns out the Costco fever applies to other Asians, too: “I am an Asian American woman turning 33 but I do not live in the PNW. But can confirm, all the Asians here hang out at Costco.”

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