Cosumnes CSD gets a $100,000 traffic grant. How will it be used in south Sacramento County?

California traffic officials this week awarded the Cosumnes Community Services District with a more than $100,000 grant to obtain new emergency response equipment.

The $104,120 grant, awarded by the California Office of Traffic Safety via funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, will allow the fire department to secure new extrication equipment and hydraulic rescue tools.

First responders use these tools – also commonly called the “jaws of life” – to rescue victims of crashes who are trapped inside a motor vehicle. The tool is used by cutting through the automobile, ripping open the car doors and freeing the passenger or passengers.

In a news release Wednesday, Cosumnes Fire Chief Felipe Rodriguez said the grant improves the fire department’s ability to protect and serve the community.

“The funding will pay for battery-operated modern rescue tools and the required training, enabling our first responders to navigate the complexities of vehicle extraction effectively,” Rodriguez said. “This ensures we can promptly and effectively respond to emergencies on our region’s streets, highways and interstates.”

The Cosumnes Community Services District provides emergency medical, fire protection, parks and recreation services in a 157-square-mile radius, serving more than 200,000 residents in south Sacramento County including the city of Elk Grove.

A core principle of the emergency medical services industry is reducing the time it takes to get to the patient, treating them and transporting them patient to the hospital, according to the news release. Any delays in providing care to crash victims can reduce their survival chances.

Cosumnes Community Services District Board President Gil Albiani anticipates an immediate positive impact following the grant.

“It enables the District to bolster its emergency response capabilities and continue prioritizing the safety and well-being of our community,” Albiani said in a statement.