Cotton Candy Palace in Tampa offers over 40 flavors

TAMPA, Fla. - A childhood dream come true is what the Cotton Candy Palace represents for owner Gabriella Primo.

"I'm from Brazil, and in Brazil cotton candy is really big, I remember always being fascinated by the cotton candy machine," shared Primo. "So when I actually started working with this, I'm so happy every day doing it!"

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Primos has been loving what she's doing since she opened the business in 2016. Her storefront at 4149 West Waters Avenue just opened in September 2023.

It's not just a fair or ballpark treat anymore, you can visit and get cotton candy any time you want.

"We have over 40 flavors of cotton candy," shared Primo. "There's something for everybody here."

Guests can pick their favorite flavor and watch the confection crafter spin the sugar, or Primo offers an alternative.

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"We have the 'do it yourself'," she explained. "You get to come, we teach you the lesson about how to make the cotton candy, you get to wear a little apron... and then you get to eat the cotton candy that you made yourself."

For those who just can't get enough with just one flavor, they also offer the "Unlimited" package.

"We have the unlimited, you can come, and you can sit here, and eat as much cotton candy as you can. Our record is 27 flavors," said Primo.

In the end, it's just a fun place to experience a special treat with people you care about.

"It's an experience, it's a family experience," exclaimed Primo.

You can visit the Cotton Candy Palace at their location on West Waters Avenue. For more information, click here.