'I Could Die From the Color of My Skin': Girl Has Emotional Reaction to George Floyd Protests

A black couple in Sacramento, California, shared an emotional moment with their 10-year-old daughter on June 1 as they explained why people have been protesting around the world.

The video shows young Azariah in tears, saying, “I could die from the color of my skin,” as her father, Joseph, squats on the floor beside her and hugs her.

Joseph’s fiancee, Jamie, captured the moment on camera after Azariah had asked what all the protests were for.

Jamie told Storyful, “My fiancé and I decided it was time to speak about how she may get treated differently because the color of her skin.”

Jamie added, “It is a sad, harsh reality to have to have this conversation with an innocent child, especially your own child.” Credit: Jamie Lee Hurtt via Storyful

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