Could GM Bring Hummer Back as an Electric SUV Brand?

Joey Capparella
Photo credit: GM

From Car and Driver

  • There's a rumor that General Motors is considering bringing back the Hummer brand, this time as a future electric SUV.
  • GM first acquired Hummer from AM General in 1998 but dropped the brand in 2010.
  • We have no idea when-or if-a new Hummer will arrive, but if it does it would likely use a platform shared with a future electric pickup truck.

With the continued rise of the SUV market and the remarkable success of brands like Jeep, it's almost surprising that General Motors hasn't yet dipped back into its rugged Hummer brand, which it killed off in 2010. It's looking like a distinct possibility now, according to a report from Bloomberg that states GM is considering reviving the Hummer brand and applying it to an electric SUV.

Although the report cites sources within GM as saying that this idea is in its early stages, it does sound plausible given that GM still owns the rights to the Hummer brand and its trademarks. A GM representative declined to comment to C/D on these reports, calling them "speculative."

If things do move forward with Hummer, it looks as though the brand would be a part of GM's push to electrify a larger percentage of its lineup. Rather than reviving inefficient gas-powered SUVs such as the Hummer H1, H2, and H3, the thinking is that GM would apply the Hummer nameplate to a new all-electric SUV model that would preserve the off-road capability and image associated with Hummer but with an entirely different powertrain underneath.

The supposed return of Hummer, if it comes to pass, is likely several years off. GM is currently working on a new electric platform that will underpin future vehicles such as a Cadillac crossover launching in 2022. Another electric platform for larger trucks and SUVs is reportedly in the works for some time after that, and could be used for this possible Hummer revival.

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