Could Israel's Missile Defenses Withstand a Swarm or Missile Attack from Iran?

Mark Episkopos

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In the aftermath of Iran’s alleged drone strikes against Saudi Arabia and military support for Houthi insurgents in Yemen, Prominent figures in Israel’s security establishment are growing increasingly convinced that a direct military confrontation with Tehran is not only likely, but inevitable. An Iranian attack is “only a matter of time,” Brigadier General Dror Shalom stated point blankly in a recent interview with Israeli media outlet Israel Hayom. Shalom, who is also the head of  Israeli Defense Forces’ (IDF) military intelligence, added that the attack “could be in the form of a surface-to-surface missile, cruise missiles, or long-range UAVs.”

What exactly is the current state of the IDF’s missile defenses, and will they be able to repel the next large-scale missile strike from Iran or one of its regional proxies?

The IDF’s missile defense shield is composed of four layers: the iconic Iron Dome system for intercepting short-range rockets, David’s Sling for medium-range rockets, Arrow-2 against intermediate-range ballistic missiles, and Arrow-3 against ICBM’s and potentially satellites.

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