Could these throwback photos of Prince William looking like an extra from the Barbie movie hold the key to he and Harry making up?

 Prince William looks like a Malibu Ken in these throwback photos
Prince William looks like a Malibu Ken in these throwback photos

Throwback photos of a younger Prince William and Harry show them enjoying a shared love of surfing. While something of an incongruous image to see the royals – known for their more conservative interests and styles – hitting the waves, the images could actually be something of a clue in how the princes could reunite.

Throwback photos of the royals always throw up a surprise.

From the shock of seeing a normally well-kempt King Charles sporting a full beard – or even a mustache and a cape! – to Princess Anne meeting a giant mouse, you can never really guess what you might find.

We recently rediscovered photos of a young looking Prince William looking very on-trend for the Barbie-themed summer.

With his beachy blond hair and surfer vibe, he could easily slot along Ryan Gosling in the upcoming movie.

William and Harry both loved surfing - could they reconnect on the beaches in Montecito?

But, seeing him and his younger brother, Prince Harry, carefree and catching the waves in Cornwall prompted us to consider whether the answer to their on-going feud is simply swapping politics and press releases for a return to something they used to do together?

And it makes even more sense when you factor in where Harry has moved to.

Per Variety, Meghan and Harry moved into a home in Montecito which cost $14.65 million. This stretch of the southern California coast is a sensible choice for the pair who wanted peace and privacy, plus access to nature.

In 1928, Charlie Chaplin called Montecito the “cream of the coast” and gathered a group of investors to establish the Montecito Inn, the anchor around which the rest of the community sprang up.

Bestselling author TC Boyle, wrote recently how he valued the proximity to nature and the “semi-rural ambience.”

“We have no sidewalks here,” he said. “If we want sidewalks, we can take the five-minute drive into Santa Barbara … But we don’t want sidewalks. We want nature, we want dirt, trees, flowers.”

Prince William gives relaxed surfer vibes- the perfect chance for him to reconnect with Harry

Interestingly, that was a similar sentiment shared by William and Catherine when they decided to move their children out of London, moving to Windsor to give their children more freedom to simply be kids.

So, as the brothers remain locked in a reported cold war, could a simple invite to ditch the suits and swap them out for wetsuits get them in a better place?

As absurd as it sounds, the pair are both notoriously physical beings, rumored to have enjoyed kicking footballs around inside Buckingham Palace when growing up and both playing sport like polo.

Crazier things have happened!