Could war-torn Ukraine win the Eurovision Song Contest?

STORY: Competing in Eurovision is a dream for some international music acts.

But for Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra, scoring the dreaded 'nul points' is the least of their worries.

Operating out of western Ukraine, lead singer Oleh Psiuk has traded the stage to run a volunteer group, supplying medicines and helping people flee the war.

On Monday (March 14), one betting site placed the group a firm favorite to win the song contest this year.

But Psiuk isn't ready to celebrate.

"I cannot enjoy it while I am worried for my loved ones. The war separated me and my girlfriend. She is nearly 200 miles away from me. We cannot meet because it is very dangerous. She sits in a bunker while I am here and air raid sirens are constantly on."

The band members are rehearsing separately, but plan to meet soon in Lviv to practice their entry "Stefania," which Psiuk said had become an anthem for Ukrainians.

"No matter under what circumstances we go to Eurovision, I will try to be useful for Ukraine. Even if it the war is all over in the near future, it won’t be easy anyway because we will need a lot of time to rebuild. The country is in ruins."

The Eurovision final, one of the world's largest televized events, takes place in Turin, Italy on May 14.

If Kalush Orchestra win, Ukraine will earn the right to host the 2023 contest.

The country last won Eurovision in 2016, when singer Jamala triumphed.

The following year, host Ukraine barred Russia from taking part.

Russia was also banned from the 2022 contest after Ukraine and European public broadcasters called for them to be expelled.