Coulter Farms setting up stand in Lewiston

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Sep. 16—LEWISTON — There is another space in the village where people can pick up fresh food if they desire.

Lockport's Coulter Farms will be setting up a farm stand at Lewiston Landing for the fall, located next to the fish cleaning station on Water Street.

The farm was founded back in 1889 and has been run by the Coulter family ever since, known for their crops of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, melons, and vegetables.

Business Partner Mark Salvo said the farm is in danger of going under and didn't want to see it happen, having worked there when he was younger. Marketing manager Heidi Truschel added they also saw Lewiston as a great place to bring high quality Niagara County products to visitors.

Business partner Charles "Chaz" Shiah said they have been at Lewiston's Farmers Market this year and last year and got a good response there. He added they have been watching the area for a while and have fresh food, with Salvo noting it can be an alternative to those who may not want a burger.

Mayor Anne Welch felt having a farm stand at the landing would be a great idea given the amount of pedestrian traffic that area gets and that it would do well.

The Lewiston Village Board of Trustees allowed the farm stand to go ahead by a 4-1 vote, with a probationary period going through the end of the season, in order to prevent other farms from setting up similar stands for the rest of the season. They did have concerns about their decision for Coulter Farms, mainly how it could open up the floodgates for other area farms to follow.

Counsel Joseph Leone's concern is that once the village opens that area up, they would have a hard time turning others down and it could open the waterfront area to further activity. Welch felt they would cross that bridge when they get to it.