Coulter Farms stand return to Lewiston not approved yet

Jan. 10—The Village of Lewiston Board of Trustees has not yet decided whether to allow a Coulter Farms stand to return to Water Street this year.

The farm is looking to set up its stand daily from dawn to dusk from late spring through the fall, possibly into the winter. It was allowed to set up a stand for the fall on a trial basis next to the fish cleaning station. Village Counsel Joseph Leone said the initial contract was written so that they would have to come back to the board to set it up again.

Mayor Anne Welch said the stand went over well and people loved it.

The motion was tabled until the issue of where it would be located was settled, since there were instances where the stand was further up the hill. There was discussion on whether this stand should be at Academy Park instead and what if anyone else wants to set up a stand on Water Street.

Jamie Symmonds, the founder of the Lewiston Farmer's Market at Academy Park, said that Coulter Farms made the decision to set up this stand without any discussion from her and that participating vendors were upset. She argued that having his stand set up somewhere else meant that people who go just for vegetables would go there instead of the market.

"It's a disservice to people who have been there for five years, going into year six, who started when it was nothing and with everything they had into being there, to build it into what it is," Symmonds said.