Council advances fee increases for approval

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Nov. 20—A slate of Joplin city government fee increases received first-round approval by the City Council and will be considered for final approval at a meeting next month.

The fee changes would go into effect Jan. 1. The fee increases are a result of a review conducted every two years by city.

The city's finance director said that under the state's Hancock law, fees cannot be raised beyond the city's cost to provide the services, and in Joplin's cases, the fees are usually lower than the cost.

—Golf course and some park fees will see an increase. A round of golf will go up $1 from $13 to $14. Annual golf passes for adults will cost $800, up from $750. With a cart, the fee will climb from $1,400 to $1,450. Senior passes will be raised from $550 to $600, and an annual pass fee with a cart will go from $1,125 to $1,175. Twilight pass fees will go from $350 to $400, and with a cart from $700 to $800.

—A list of fees for school tennis practices, soccer tournaments, baseball and softball tournaments will go up. A list of those fees is available from the parks department.

—There will be increases in some business license and health inspection fees. Information about those is available from the city's finance office.

—Prices of cemetery lots and grave rights as well as charges for setting headstones are among the increases in fees. A lot space will go from $600 to $650 as will grave opening and closings except for infants, which will be $200. Columbarium single niche fees, which includes opening and closing and some engraving, will go up $50 to $900, and a double niche will go up $100 to $1,300.

The council approved emergency ordinances for equipment purchases that include:

—A purchase order to Fabick Cat for the purchase of a small wheel loader with coupler for $222,700 and for a small wheel loader without coupler for $218,670.

—A contract with the state for mother and child health services through the Joplin Health Department for $32,584.

The council appointed Jef Frost, a Joplin businessman, to a seat on the 32nd Street Place community improvement development board.

Appointments also were approved of residents to serve on a committee that will assist with providing information about a proposal that is to be on the April ballot to issue bonds for up to $30 million for work to expand and renovate Memorial Hall.

Those appointed to the committee were recommended by city staff. They are Richard Russell, Bob Harrington, Brad Belk, Chalise Cooper, Dustin Parker, Jhan Hurn, John Mark Thomas, Audie Dennis, Shelly Kraft, Neil Lamont, Dan Pekarek, Pete Hall, Damien Tiregol, Michael Sanders, Sharon Beshore, Warren Turner, Josh DeTar, Lori Haun and Fred Palmer.

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