Council approves action on water projects

Aug. 24—City councilors have approved several items related to city of McAlester projects — including vastly increasing the size of a water line servicing part of one McAlester neighborhood.

During work on one of the projects, it was discovered several residences along Harrison Avenue between Second and Third Street were being serviced by a small, one-inch water line, prompting action to replace it by a larger line.

Dale Burke, president of Infrastructure Solutions Group which is handling engineering for the projects, outlined actions needed for the water projects prior to city councilors voting on the items during their Tuesday evening meeting at City Hall.

After hearing from Burke, city councilors passed Change Order #2 for a no-cost change order to the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Project #9 for Second and Third Street Water line improvements and authorized Mayor John Browne to sign the change order.

Change Order #2 recommends adding 1,830 feet of six-inch main water lines "with all appurtenances to replace a one-inch line discovered while connecting water mains to the new 12-inch main line on Harrison Avenue between Second and First Street," a city report states.

Following the vote, Browne said he figured the water line replacement will make the people who've been getting service through the one-inch line "pretty happy."

The change order also added 100 days for the project due to weather delays and the required additional work.

No additional expenditures will need to be allocated, because Project Contingency Bid Item Overrun funds were available, Burke said.

In other action, city councilors authorized Mayor Browne to sign the contractor's final pay application No. 4 in the amount of $13,327.41 and Certificate of Substantial Completion for the contract with S3 Construction LLC for the Newton Circle East Sewer and Stormwater Improvements Project.

"The final inspection was performed on June 15, 2023," a city report states. "At this time, the contractor has addressed all of the deficiencies listed in the final inspection report."

A two-year warranty goes into effect beginning with the June 15 effective date of completion, the report states.

City councilors also moved on bids for the MC-21-29 DWSRF Project #12 South Main Water System Improvements.

The project consists of approximately 3,450 linear feet of 18-inch PVC pipe and appurtenances on the south side of the city, according to the staff report.

There were seven placeholders for the project with six contractors submitting bids. Bids for the projects by Aug. 1, Burke said.

He told city councilors one of those should not be considered because of concerns about the company's ability to complete the projects it has already been assigned. Further action is expected on what is determined to be the best bid for the project.