Council to open bids on demo of two buildings

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Mar. 23—Beckley Common Council is set to open bids on the demolition of two downtown buildings during the regular Council meeting on Tuesday.

One of the buildings is the former Prince Medical Lab on Prince Street. The city owns the building.

"We've had it inspected, and it's deemed unsafe and 'un-renovatable'," said Rappold.

The second building is on Earwood Street and is adjacent to a parking lot the city is currently preparing.

"When that building is down, we'll extend that parking lot," he said.

At-large Councilwoman Sherrie Hunter explained that Rappold will officially receive and open the bids during the regular Council meeting. Hunter and fellow at-large Councilman Cody Reedy will receive the bids and confer with each other and with Board of Public Works Director Jerry Stump and city treasurer Billie Trump.

They will then make a recommendation to Council, which must vote to approve the recommendation at a later hearing.

In a special Rotary After Hours event, Dr. Kristi Dumas will honor both Hunter and Ward V Councilwoman Janine Bullock during the Tuesday meeting. Dumas is acknowledging their service during Women's History Month, Rappold said.

Council will also vote on second reading on whether to authorize the city to purchase lots at 116 and 118 11th St. from Church of God of America Real Estate Inc. for $7,600. The lots will be used in a plan by Parks and Recreation Director Leslie Baker to expand the Scott Avenue park. Federal Community Development Block Grants are available to be used for the purchase, said Rappold.

Council will vote on second reading about whether to authorize a connector road between Harper Road and the parking lot of Calvary Assemblies of God Church on Sunset Drive.

The entrance road, which has not yet been named, will go straight from the parking lot to Harper Road. City attorney Bill File said earlier this month that the proposed road would require motorists to stop on Reservation before accessing the entrance road, so stop signs will be necessary.

"I'm sure the people on Sunset Avenue will be happy, too, to cut down on that traffic," Rappold noted on Monday.

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