"The counter-battery war is harsh. If I can only stay alive": the Security Service of Ukraine published a conversation between the occupiers


The Security Service of Ukraine has published a new intercepted call between Russian occupiers, which shows that the Russian army is shocked by the fierce counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the effectiveness of the Ukrainian artillery.

Source: Press department of the Security Service of Ukraine

Details: The occupiers can neither fight back nor build fortifications due to the powerful attacks of the Ukrainian forces. As they were trying to, a Ukrainian UAV detected them, and the Ukrainian artillery launched an attack and made them flee.

And so ends every attempt by the occupiers, according to the intercepted call between two Russian conscripts.

Quote: "Do you hear it? These are f***king Grads in action. It’s a hell of a counter-battery war…It’s like that the whole f***king day. I can’t even express how it feels. I don’t know how to stay alive. I don’t know at all…If I can only stay alive…

A bird [a reference to a UAV – ed.] caught us using the 152 [calibre artillery]…We barely got out alive, now we’re sitting in a shelter…

Then we return, and they start attacking us using two weapons at a time! They started firing on us…We hot-footed it out of there…They’ve been brutally attacking us for 40 minutes."

Quote: "The effectiveness of such a ‘meeting’ with the Russians can be proven by numbers: Russian army losses in Ukraine have reached over 50,000 personnel.

In order to save their lives, Russians can call a 2402 hotline and turn themselves in [a joke that refers to the date of the beginning of the full-fledged war started by Russia – ed.]".

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