Country experiencing diesel shortage, officials say; How it could impact prices

As of Nov. 1, Ohioans are paying $5.59 a gallon on average for diesel fuel and there’s a chance that number could go up even more.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration said the country only has a 25-day supply of diesel fuel on hand.

News Center 7′s Mike Campbell spoke with truckers who depend on diesel about what this could mean for them.

Diesel shortages that would likely drive prices higher would hurt them, especially the owner-operators.

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The Energy Information Administration said that the current price of diesel across the country averages $5.34 a gallon, about 40 cents higher than that in Ohio.

But these prices might just be impacting truck drivers, but all of us.

“It is scary ... this is our livelihood, pay our bills, take care of our family. Truck drivers keep America Rolling, without us, all supply and demand shuts down,” Tremayne Whitehead a truck driver from Kentucky said.

With the upcoming holidays, it’s a concern this may impact those prices as well.