‘The country I love is becoming the country I left,' says Chinese GOP candidate Lily Tang Williams

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Yesterday on Fox News, China-born GOP House candidate Lily Tang Williams expressed that she feared America was beginning to become like China, the country she left.

In the segment, host Tucker Carlson began by reporting on Shanghai’s complete lockdown, describing how Chinese authorities were “ripping children from their parents’ arms” and “sending people to concentration camps,” referring to China’s quarantine centers.

Carlson condemned the East Asian country’s “totalitarian” measures but stated that the U.S.’ lack of critique and even “praise” was a cause for even more concern.

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“Watching that, you begin to ask yourself, ‘What can stop something like that from happening here if the people from our country are for it?'” warned Carlson.

He then introduced Lily Tang Williams, who is running for Congress for the state of New Hampshire, by playing her campaign ad.

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“I was born in China to ... illiterate, working-class parents,” Williams, who is also chair of the New Hampshire Asian American Coalition, begins. “Suffered under Mao’s cultural revolution and communist dictatorship. I wanted freedom; America was my promised land.”

“People are losing their rights to make a living and make their own life choices. Are you worried yet? I am. I fear the country I love is becoming the country I left.”

After the video, Carlson turned to Williams for a live interview.

“It sounds like your childhood in a repressive country really informs how you view America right now.”

“Well, I [came] to America for freedom and prosperity, [and to] live my American dream,” she replied. “I’m just worried that this American dream will not be there for my children who were born in this country.”

Williams also added that she was seeing a “rise of authoritarianism and tyranny” and that she did not want “another cultural revolution happening in [her] new country.”

Carlson asked if the U.S. leaders “praising” China made her feel “uncomfortable.”

“Not just uncomfortable,” responded Williams. “I’m terrified.”

On her Twitter, Williams describes herself as a “communism survivor” and “freedom lover.”

In her recent Tweet, she writes that she “fled China for America in 1988” and was running to “fight for freedom” and “keep the American Dream alive.”

Her logo appears to be that of a lily flower, a reference to her name, painted in the colors of the U.S. flag, with a star in the center and stripes on one of the petals.


Featured Image via Fox News