Country Singer Travis Tritt's Twitter Blocking Spree Backfires

The newest social media status symbol is getting blocked on Twitter by country singer Travis Tritt.

On Monday, Tritt announced that he would cancel shows at venues that have COVID-19 vaccines and/or testing mandates, telling that he is ”against forcing people to take medicine that they may not need and may not want.”

The singer apparently then went on a Twitter-blocking spree that was possibly intended to reduce comments from people who disagreed with him.

However, there was an unintended consequence: Being blocked by Tritt has become an honor for many Twitter users.

Some people wondered if the Twitter blocks were meant to be a form of marketing.

Others had regrets.

Then there were those people who didn’t like being left out of Tritt’s blocking spree.

HuffPost reached out to Tritt on Twitter for his thoughts, but he did not immediately respond. However, he hadn’t (yet) blocked this reporter either.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.