County commission make no changes to district lines

Feb. 11—The Dickinson County Commission approved a resolution outlining the county's districts after deciding to make no changes. Before the vote, Janelle Dockendorf, county administrator, gave the population, square miles and other percentages for the county's three districts from the 2020 U.S. Census. The last time the commission reviewed the statistics of their districts was in 2017.

District one — Ron Roller — Population: 5,667 — Percentage of county population: 30.8% — Square Miles: 477

District two — Lynn Peterson — Population: 6,407 — Percentage of county population: 34.8% — Square Miles: 5

District three — Craig Chamberlin — Population: 6,328 — Percentage of county population: 34.4% — Square Miles: 370

Public comments

A county resident who lives near the south county line, spoke against wind turbines in the county. A wind farm was installed south of his home in Marion County.

"They're pretty noisy. Every time a blade comes around, it's a big 'swish,'" he said.

The resident stated he likes the wide view with no interruptions from the turbines. He said he thinks wind turbines will ruin the future of the county and waste their comprehensive plan. He also listed popular concerns such as foreign businesses purchasing land in the county and heavy machinery possibly affecting the land.

Other business

Doug Thompson, county counselor, said meeting one of the county's attorneys turned in their letter of resignation for the end of January. Retired former Junction City attorney Russ Roe, who wants to return to his career, will take the position.

Dockendorf reported the county collected 288 tons of tires during county-wide clean up in the fall last year. The cost to dispose of the tires was $50,412.

The commissioner renewed the county courthouse's contract with SD Security for another two years.

The commission then renewed their neighborhood revitalization plan agreement with Chapman for the. Through the agreement, the city performs certain functions of economic development and neighborhood revitalization such as rehabilitation of structures and offer tax incentives.

The commission approved a $28,955 bid for structural steel as part of the process to replace the small bridge at 1675 2500 Ave.