County Firefighters Breathe Easier With New Purification Systems

D'Ann Lawrence White

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FL — Hillsborough County firefighters are breathing a sigh of relief after installing 63 Active Air Purification Systems in its existing fire trucks, providing additional protection to rescue staff from the coronavirus.

The Active Air Purification System's compact design allows it to be mounted in various locations within the cab while still achieving the same results, giving the fire department the flexibility needed to retrofit the system into its existing vehicles.

These units were funded by the county through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

According to fire officials, the Active Air Purification equipment provides protection and peace of mind for frontline personnel and has the additional benefit of enhancing the cancer- preventing Clean Cab design.

The Active Air Purification System kills 99 percent of pathogens, including COVID-19, in the air and on surfaces, providing better air quality and a safer cab environment. Designed with advanced photohydroionization and UV technology, this system also offers:

• Proven reduction in sneeze germs by 99 percent within 3 feet
• Proven efficiency on microbes
• Proven impact on odor reduction

The equipment was installed by Rev Technical Center (REV RTC) of Ocala.

Hillsborough Fire Rescue also received another Christmas gift this year.

Tanker 24 and Engines 1 and 4 have been replaced with new equipment that will hit the streets this month. The old engines will be put in the fire department's reserves equipment fleet.

This article originally appeared on the Tampa Patch