Will County Food Operators Won't Be Charged Permit Late Fees

Gillian Smith

JOLIET, IL – Restaurant owners in Will County who have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and do not pay their permit fee by Dec. 31 will not be charged a late fee, officials announced Tuesday.

The Will County Board of Health has passed a revision to the Will County Health Department Food Ordinance that will postpone late fees for food operators.

"Anyone not paying their regular fee will be considered 'operating without a valid food permit' and will need to cease operations until it is paid in full," said WCHD Environmental Health Director Tom Casey in a prepared statement. "Only food operators operating without a permit after March 1 will be assessed the late fee."

The postponement of late fees will also apply to mobile food operators who operate throughout the year.

For more information, visit https://willcountyhealth.org/food-safety/ .

This article originally appeared on the Joliet Patch