County hears about 2nd Amendment sanctuary

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Jul. 21—Union County Board of Supervisors did not take any action Monday after a citizen's request of making the county what is called a Second Amendment sanctuary county.

With two other Iowa counties already approving the plan, a Second Amendment sanctuary county attempts to prevent gun-rights laws that are unconstitutional from being enforced.

Union County resident Dillon Daughenbaugh informed the supervisors about creating a sanctuary and related issues.

"It protects against future unconstitutional laws, such as red flag laws, assault bans," he said.

Red flag laws allows police or family members to request the state to have temporary removal of weapons from a person who may be a danger to others or themselves.

"Red flag laws already proved very tragic in some states. They don't really go over very well trying to take guns from people obeying the laws," Daughenbaugh said. "I understand people are doing bad things with guns, those people need arrested."

Daughenbaugh explained his concerns about gun rights at the federal level noting how the Biden Administration is recommending David Chipman as head of ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms). Daughenbaugh said he is the senior advisor of an anti-gun organization.

"It makes no sense whatsoever. It should be an unbiased person not a head of some super anti-gun group," he said.

Daughenbaugh said he can provide a sample resolution Union County can review and approve

Supervisor Ron Riley asked how a county like Union can supersede a law that was made. He said the supervisors were willing to at least review the resolution.

Daughenbaugh is a member of the Iowa Firearms Coalition, which he equated to a local version of the NRA. The coalition formed in 2010.

"It's made Iowa one of the most pro Second Amendment states," he said. He claimed some Iowa counties have contacted the coalition for assistance in becoming a sanctuary county.

"It's an important thing to at least discuss," Daughenbaugh said. He plans to contact Union County law enforcement for its support. Law enforcement representatives were not available to attend the meeting.

Jasper and Hardin county supervisors have already approved a resolutions becoming the first Iowa counties to accept the strategy. Daughenbaugh said other counties are showing interest.

Daughenbaugh said more than 1,000 counties across the country have enacted Second Amendment Sanctuary status. An ordinance approved in Columbia County, Oregon, last year is the first to face a legal challenge over enforcement.

In other county news....

Union County Recorder Katie Carlton said passport applications are comparable to 2020, but still not at the 2019 level.

"We are seeing increases. July has a lot more appointments," she said how people are more confident in traveling despite the COVID threat.

Carlton suggested people apply early as it takes up to 12 weeks to get a passport.

"If you're going anywhere late fall, i'd be doing it now," she said.

Zach Woods introduced himself as the director of Union County Public Health that is under the supervision of Greater Regional Health. He started this month. He had previously worked in Taylor County Public Health. Woods said the plan is to move Union County Public Health to its new location in the 600 block of West Taylor later this summer.

Woods had been an athletic trainer through Greater Regional Health.

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