County Judge submits proposed budget

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Aug. 5—Henderson County Judge Wade McKinney turned in a proposed budget Monday that holds the line on expenses for 2023.

Total General Fund Revenue is projected at $36,025,840 for 2023. That's a bit less than the $37,166,180 in 2022.

Several factors are involved in creating the document, an increase in projected property tax revenue is expected to offset the continued inflation, McKinney said. Unlike the growth in the early 2000s, when the spillover from the Dallas area in Tyler accounted for most of the population increase, the county is now seeing new residents from varied locations.

"New property due to developments is as high as we've ever seen," McKinney said. "Henderson County is a destination point from all points within the continental United States."

New property in the county is expected to bring in $1,155,294 more revenue than a year ago. That will help offset what county residents will have to pay in ad valorem tax.

"We're looking at a large reduction in the overall tax rate," McKinney said.

The proposed budget will raise $52,579 in property tax revenue more than the current budget.

The proposed budget is a starting point for the Commissioners to start looking over each line to determine what adjustments must be made. McKinney sees the project heading toward completion in mid-September. The budget runs with the calendar year and takes effect Jan. 1, 2023.

The Commissioners Court met in a budget workshop on Tuesday. One of the items discussed was how to address the rising cost of employee health insurance. Another workshop was set for Thursday.

Sheriff's Department Field Operations account for $6,621,740 in projected expenses, up a bit from from $6,514,629. Jail Operations was the biggest expense, totaling $8,090,568. Jail Ops accounted for $7,957,238 in the current budget.

Employee salaries total $19,418,378 in the proposed budget. The 2022 budget included $19,319,386 for salaries.

McKinney credits the department heads for keeping a close watch on expenses to aid the budgeting process.