County looks to connect residents with unclaimed property

Mar. 5—Lauderdale County is partnering with the State Treasurer's office to help connect residents with their unclaimed property.

Unclaimed property is money or stocks that financial institutions were unable to return to their rightful owners. After five years, those institutions turn the property over to the State Treasurer's office, which tries again to find the owners.

Lauderdale County's unclaimed property event will be held 3-7 p.m. Tuesday in the board room of the Raymond P. Davis Annex for residents who have unclaimed property to stop in and claim what is theirs.

To make a claim, residents will need to provide a photo ID and a Social Security card or formal document containing their Social Security number. If property is under a previous name, documentation such as a marriage license or other legal document showing the change will be required. For property owned by a minor, residents will need a copy of the minor's birth certificate.

To claim property for a business, residents will need to bring a photo ID, an employer FEIN tax number, proof of the company address and proof of position within the company.

Residents can check to see if they have unclaimed property prior to Tuesday's event by visiting the State Treasurer's website, The website also has unclaimed property FAQ's, claims forms and other resources to help residents through the claims process.