County OKs DUI Court grant

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Jul. 13—VALDOSTA — Lowndes County Board of Commissioners has approved another cash match for the Accountability Courts.

The purpose of the Accountability Court Grants program is to provide grants to local courts and judicial circuits to establish specialty courts or dockets to address offenders arrested for drug charges and mental health issues.

Lowndes County's DUI Court is receiving an accountability grant from the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council for $132,193 which requires a 12% match from the county.

The match will be in the amount of $18,026. The DUI Court specifically requested a total of $42,495 from the county for the 2022-23 grant period as the grant only pays a portion of the salary and benefits of the surveillance officer's contract salary.

Additionally, the grant is only covering a portion of treatment costs incurred annually. The grant does not fund the random call-in service for drug screens, the cost of office equipment needed for the program case manager or the cost of translated documents.

The DUI court's budget detail breaks down how the award will be allocated, excluding the additional $24,469 requested:


Program Coordinator


Program Coordinator Fringe Benefits


Law Enforcement/Surveillance Officer


Law Enforcement/Surveillance Officer Fringe


Program Case Manager


Program Case Manager Fringe Benefits


Total: $92,455

Contract Services:

Treatment Provider


Total: $20,000

Drug Testing Supplies:

Drug Testing Supplies



Supplies /Other Costs



Total: $0



Total: $0

In State Training and Travel

CACJ Annual Conference


Total: $4,738

Transportation Funding:

Public Transportation


Total: $5,000

Total Budget Award: $132,193

County Match: $18,026

The Lowndes County DUI Court began operating in January 2017 and is currently at maximum capacity with 30 active participants in the program.