County road rebuilt in Precinct 1

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Jun. 11—Warm weather means conditions are right for road rehabilitation and repair and work will be done in all sections of Henderson County.

Precinct 1 Commissioner Wendy Spivey said her crew has completed a rebuild of County Road 1316. Rebuilds are less common and more expensive than just patching the road, but Spivey said she would like to get to as many as she can.

"My guys have been working, weather permitting, on this road for the past two weeks," she said. "We can't afford to do every road like this, but slowly, we are doing more and more."

Spivey said all that existed there was about as wide as a golf cart path, but with the likelihood of more traffic in the area, Precinct 1 set out to improve the surface and drainage.

"We started from scratch, from a tiny old road, cleaned ditches and used our Bomag to grind the road up and make it wider," Spivey said.

The Bomag is an expensive piece of equipment that can pulverize worn road surfaces and base layers.

Cement was added to make the new road then it was chip sealed. A second chip seal is planned to complete the project. Chip sealing is a thin coating of liquified asphalt over a layer of crushed rock.

"This is much more attractive than just patching over and over," Spivey said. "We shouldn't need to work on it again for many years to come."

Spivey said her precinct generally has about three workers who do the preliminary part of the road work, then about ten take part in the chip sealing.

Each of the four county commissioners keep watch on their roads and keep a list of problems that need to be addressed. The pace usually picks up in the summer when the weather is more consistently warm and dry.