Couple furious after being booted from cruise 'for loud love making'

A couple who claim they were kicked off a cruise ship over their rowdy love making is now suing the cruise liner.

The German couple, identified as Renate F and husband Volker, were removed from the TUI Cruises Mein Schiff 5 vessel while docked in Barbados for the first day of its two week Caribbean cruise in April, according to the Reise Reporter.

They claim the captain ordered them off the ship at 1am after excessive noise came from their cabin - they had engaged in loud sex and argued afterwards.

File image of TUI Cruises ship Mein Schiff 5 as couple allege they were kicked off over having loud sex.
The couple claim they were kicked off the ship at 1am and were left stranded on the island for two days. Source: File/AAP

The woman then stepped onto the balcony for a cigarette, while her husband took a shower.

Moments later, the woman said a manager knocked on the door and a member of security ushered them both away into a meeting with a man whose identity she could not remember.

The man reportedly told her they were being removed at the request of the captain, leaving the woman to arrive at the conclusion it was due to their noisy coitus and argument.

The couple allege that after a two-day wait on the island they were able to get a flight to Paris, where they stayed overnight before boarding a train back to Frankfurt.

Image showing couple on cruise balcony as pair of Germans claim they were removed from a TUI Cruises ship for having loud sex.
The couple claim their loud love making got them booted from the ship. Source: File/Getty Images

After returning home, the pair set about suing TUI Cruises for A$15,000 to compensate for their missed holiday, expenses accumulated in their journey home and emotional damages.

TUI Cruises told Reise Reporter the guests were removed to protect “themselves and other fellow travellers”.

“The safety of our guests is our top priority. Due to a security-related incident, we have made use of our house right and asked the guests to leave the ship,” a spokesperson said.

“This was done to protect the guests themselves and other fellow travellers.”

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