Of Course Mick Jagger Made an NSA Joke About Obama on Stage Last Night

Of Course Mick Jagger Made an NSA Joke About Obama on Stage Last Night

You expect rock stars to live insulated lives, with hardly any real idea of what's happening in the real world, but Mick Jagger, of all people, is always up on the day's big stories. The Rolling Stones were playing in D.C. last night, and the oldest surviving mega-frontman in rock and roll cracked wise at President Obama's expense. The Stones brought their 50 and Counting tour to the Verizon Center in the nation's capital on Monday night for (potentially) their last show on U.S. soil, ever. (Unless they tour again, which, you know, these guys don't really age.) But if this is it, then they went out with a pretty great show, according to the Washington Post. But the line making headlines the morning after wasn't from one of the band's collection of number one hits. 

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No, instead, it was all about Jagger's joke about the National Security Agency's spying scandal. "I don't think President Obama is here tonight, but I'm sure he's listening in," Jagger said at one point during the show. The President wasn't there — but the guys from One Direction were

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Jagger has been keeping up with the news despite a busy touring schedule. Maybe this is one thing that comes with his advanced age. During their show in Toronto, which happened right around the time the Rob Ford scandal started to break, Jagger had a joke ready for the mayor, too:

“I just wanted you to know one thing: we’re not going to do any jokes tonight about the mayor or anything, OK?,” Jagger said three songs into the iconic band’s set. “It’s too easy. It’s much too easy a target. It’s a bit cheap — cheap shots. So we’re not going to do any of that.”

“We’re going to crack on with the show now.”

You wakes up, read the local paper and have some tea and crumpets first thing every morning. That's how old rock stars probably do it, right?