Court approves arrest of former Constitutional Court head Tupytskyi, he faces extradition from Austria

Oleksander Tupytsky faces up to five years in prison

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The next step should be a request for Tupytskyi's extradition from Austria, where he is hiding from Ukrainian justice.

Moreover, the bail put up for him as a pre-trial restriction will be transferred to the state budget.

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Tupytskyi is accused of knowingly giving false testimony, combined with falsifying defense evidence (Part 2 of Article 384 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) and bribing a witness (Article 386 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

If found guilty, he faces up to five years in prison.

The case of Oleksandr Tupytskyi

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy canceled former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych's 2013 decrees appointing Oleksandr Tupytskyi and Oleksandr Kasminin as judges of the Constitutional Court on March 27, 2021. He said he had done so because they posed a threat to the independence and national security of Ukraine.

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Tupytskyi and Kasminin challenged Zelenskyy's decree in the Administrative Cassation Court under the Supreme Court, which declared it "illegal and contrary to the law."

Starting from December 2020, Tupytskyi was twice suspended from his duties as a judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine due to criminal proceedings being launched against him.

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