Court docs released in KPD officer's invasion of privacy case

Sep. 13—Court documents were filed Wednesday in the case against Travis Williams, a sergeant in the Kokomo Police Department who was recently arrested on a misdemeanor charge of invasion of privacy for violating an active court-ordered protective order filed in June by his estranged wife.

In those documents, 39-year-old Williams was described by his estranged wife as someone who had "threatened her life in the past" and also had "suicidal and homicidal thoughts," which is reportedly what prompted the protective order in the first place.

"(His wife) stated that if something happens to Travis by the department (KPD), such as termination, that she believes he would attempt to harm her," the probable cause states.

Part of that protective order bans Williams from visiting his estranged wife's southwest side residence, court records indicate, which she told police he violated when he reportedly dropped off two of their children at her house around 5 p.m. Sept. 7.

Williams' estranged wife also told investigators that another one of their children — who also reportedly has a protective order against their father — was allegedly inside the residence at the time and was "terrified" that Williams was at the house, per court documents.

The probable cause affidavit did not indicate there is a protective order against Williams for any of the couple's other three children.

However, authorities did reportedly speak with one of Williams' children as part of the investigation into the invasion of privacy case.

During that interview, the child reportedly told investigators that Williams had "punched holes in the wall" during one of their visits with their father, and Williams also allegedly got so upset once that the child said they felt they had to "protect" one of their other siblings," according to the affidavit.

Williams was booked into the Howard County Jail without incident, and he has since bonded out on $8,000 cash, with 10%.

He has an initial hearing scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Sept. 25 inside Howard Superior Court 1.

According to KPD officials, Williams — a 15-year veteran of KPD — has since been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the case.