Court increases bail for Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoiskyi

The court has increased the amount of bail for businessman Ihor Kolomoiskyi from just under UAH 510 million (approx. US$13.3 million) to UAH 3.891 billion (approx. US$185.76 million).

Source: Suspilne from the courtroom

Details: Kyiv’s Shevchenkivskyi District Court has changed the pre-trial restriction for Kolomoiskyi, who on 15 September was served with a new notice of suspicion on three counts relating to the embezzlement of UAH 5.8 billion. The oligarch's bail has been changed to UAH 3.891 billion.

The prosecution had asked the Kyiv court to increase the bail to just under UAH 5.88 billion due to the new notices of suspicion.

The prosecutor noted that since Kolomoiskyi has lost his Ukrainian citizenship and is now a citizen of Israel, there is a risk of him absconding abroad.

Quote: "The defence lawyer stated that the charge was unfounded because no members of the criminal group, except for Kolomoiskyi, have been identified. In addition, neither Privatbank nor other depositors reported the crime during all those years. He also said that the National Bank of Ukraine should have carried out checks and audits following losses in the amount of [UAH] 5 billion, but they were not carried out.

According to the defence, since Privatbank was not state-owned but privately-owned during the period in question, damage could only have been caused to the bank's shareholders – Boholiubov or Kolomoiskyi.

The lawyer also stated that the amount of the bail was unreasonable because the prosecutor from the Economic Security Bureau had provided no evidence that Kolomoiskyi is able to pay that amount. He also called the risks unfounded, since Kolomoiskyi is already in custody and therefore cannot escape or hinder or influence witnesses in any way."


  • On 2 September, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Economic Security Bureau and the Prosecutor General's Office served Kolomoiskyi with a notice of suspicion under Articles 190 and 209 of the Criminal Code for fraud and legalisation (laundering) of property obtained by criminal means. The case concerns the legalisation of UAH 5.8 billion (approx. US$155.6 million) by transferring the sum abroad via banking institutions under his control. Under the pre-trial restrictions selected by Kyiv’s Shevchenkivskyi District Court, Kolomoiskyi was remanded in custody for a period of 60 days with the option to post bail in the amount of almost UAH 510 million (approx. US$13,315,927). Kolomoiskyi does not intend to post bail until his appeal is considered.

  • On 15 September, Ihor Kolomoiskyi was served with a new notice of suspicion under three articles of Ukraine’s Criminal Code: illegal actions in respect of remittance documents, payment cards and other means providing access to bank accounts, electronic money and equipment for their production; misappropriation of property by an official through abuse of office, committed by an organised group on an especially large scale; and legalisation (laundering) of the proceeds of crime.

  • According to the investigation, in 2013-2014 Kolomoiskyi illegally appropriated UAH 5.8 billion (approx. US$155.6 million) after setting up a criminal group made up of employees of Privatbank, of which he was founder and a shareholder.

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