Court orders Kenya Airways pilots back to work

STORY: A labor court on Tuesday ordered Kenya Airways pilots to resume work by Nov.9,

seeking to end a strike that has left thousands of passengers stranded at one of Africa's most important aviation hubs.

Members of the Kenya Airline Pilots Association (KALPA) - a union that represents about 400 pilots at the carrier - went on strike on Saturday...

after failing to resolve a dispute over their pensions contributions and settlement of deferred pay.

The pilots' walkout has so far cost the airline an estimate of over $2 million daily, affected more than 10,000 passengers and led to the cancellation of dozens of flights.

"The court taking all things into consideration including the pathetic plights of the national airline, the court now makes the following interim orders. One: the respondent members and especially the Kenya Airways pilots to resume their duties as pilots by 6 A.M. on 9th November 2022 unconditionally."

The court also stopped the airline's management from taking disciplinary actions against pilots who took part in the industrial action.

"Two: the applicants, KQ to allow the pilots to perform their duties without harassing them or intimidating them and especially by not taking any disciplinary action against any of them pending the hearing and the determination of these suits."

Kenya Airways welcomed the court's directions, and said it would comply.

Officials at the pilots' union were not immediately available for comment.