Courteney Cox Shares Brandi Carlile’s ‘Greatest of All Time’ Steak Recipe

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Even among all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, it’s good to have friends who share good homespun recipes for a quaint night in with the family.

On Monday, Oct. 5, Courteney Cox took to her Instagram to share a recipe she received from one of her also famous friends — and no, not a friend from her iconic sitcom.

“So I’m gonna make the greatest steak of all time,” said Courteney Cox to her 12.1 Instagram million followers. “I thought that my recipe was good, but I actually got this from Brandi Carlile and hers is better than mine.“

After Cox drizzles truffle oil onto a few steaks in a glass cooking dish, the “Shining Vale” star sprinkles coarse salt, ground pepper and a surprising not-so-secret ingredient: freshly ground coffee to the meat. After adding a bit of brown sugar to the steaks as well, Cox instructs viewers to repeat the process on the other side of their steaks.

Cox then takes a break from preparing steaks to make mashed cauliflower, which she prepares with cream cheese, taking a lick from a spoon as she cooks, and prepares a platter of asparagus, to complete the meal.

Cox then takes the steak and asparagus outside to grill, athletically tossing two cooking dishes full of asparagus onto her spacious grill to roast.

“I’m not good chef, I just make things that taste good,“ said Cox in the video which has been liked 281,718 times. It seems her fans think she’s pretty good, at least by the numbers!

Cox says to grill the steaks for three minutes on each side. After everything is done cooking, Cox takes the grilled items back inside into her kitchen, slicing into her steaks to show they’re medium to medium-well done.

“Here it is,” said Cox after plating the meal showing off her delectable-looking trio of dinnertime items for the camera.

Soundtracking Cox’s video is a song by the recipe-maker herself, Brandi Carlile, whose single “You And Me On The Rock” seamlessly accompanies the clip. Fun fact: In September, Carlile performed the single and a few of her other hits to a bumping TODAY plaza as part of the Citi Concert Series.

Using coffee as a rub for steak is known for heightening the taste of the meat. Reaction in the comment section ranged from intrigued to surprised and more, with famous friends — again not those friends — chiming in with compliments.

“Well this looks delicious,” said Jennifer Garner in an Instagram comment.

“Coffee on steak is wild , but I’m into it,” said actress and model Sara Foster.

Of course no words of encouragement for the recipe could be better than one coming from Brandi Carlile herself — the recipe author and Grammy winner took to the comment section to voice her approval and said, “You have that s--t DIALED IN.”

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