Coventry council to consider signing onto statement against antisemitism

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Jun. 5—COVENTRY — The Town Council on Monday will consider joining other municipalities in the state and across the country by signing onto a statement that condemns antisemitism.

"As public officials and community leaders, we encourage you to continue to forcefully speak out and declare unequivocally that antisemitism is incompatible with democratic values that are at the very bedrock of our society," Joseph DeLong, executive director and CEO of the Connecticut Conference ofUN Municipalities, wrote in a communication to the town. "We must fight this increasingly violent and ugly trend."

The statement, titled "Mayors United Against Antisemitism," is an initiative developed by the American Jewish Committee and the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Town Manager John Elsesser said a copy of the resolution was sent to all council members, who proposed it be discussed further at the last council meeting.

The statement asserts that there is a growing threat of antisemitism, which is not only an attack on Jews but one that attacks the core values of a democratic and pluralistic society.

It condemns antisemitism in all its forms, including hatred and prejudice directed toward Jews, stereotypes or conspiracy theories about Jews, Holocaust denial, and more.

Councilman Jonathan Hand said approving it would send a powerful message and show solidarity.

"I can only speak for myself, not the full council, but I would support us signing onto this," Hand said.

While it may not stop antisemitism in Coventry, "signing onto this still has merit because it sends a message that it is something that we will not tolerate here," he added.

Council Vice Chairman Matthew O'Brien said he will make a formal decision at the meeting.

More than 560 municipal CEOs across the country have already signed onto the statement, according to communication from CCM.

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