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COVID-19 infections are down in most states

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More than 103 million Americans have been fully vaccinated and a daily average of about 2.6 million people recieved a shot over the last week. Lilia Luciano has the latest on the COVID crisis.

Video Transcript

- The latest in the pandemic. Infections are down significantly in most states. More than 103 million Americans have been fully vaccinated. That's one out of every four people. As a daily average, about 2.6 million people got a shot over the last week. But that's down sharply from a couple of weeks ago CBS' Lilia Luciano is in Santa Monica where people there are anxious that looks to get outside. Good evening.

LILIA LUCIANO: Good evening, Jerrica. That's right. The boardwalk here is busy as more Americans are eager to not only get outside but get out of town. A travel rush is on despite COVID outbreaks hitting some states hard.

Crowds enjoyed the outdoors today in Los Angeles as more vaccines and fewer infections boost optimism in the nation's fight against the pandemic.

- I'm fully vaccinated and I'm completely comfortable with being out in public.

LILIA LUCIANO: That confidence is driving up summer plans. 72% of Americans are booking a vacation compared to 37% a year ago. But millions refuse to give the vaccine a shot despite the danger.

- The more that this virus continues to circulate, the more it's going to continue to mutate.

LILIA LUCIANO: Oregon is fighting another outbreak. Governor Kate Brown has put most of the state under extreme risk restrictions.

- As your governor, I chose to save lives.

LILIA LUCIANO: But more states, including Georgia and Connecticut are lifting restrictions. In Oklahoma City, there's no longer a state of emergency, prompting this Warning from Mayor David Holt.

- If you go to a hospital or worse you die, all because you chose to not get vaccinated. That would really be a tragedy.

LILIA LUCIANO: Still, a push for normalcy. This weekend, the Kentucky Derby welcomed back fans, nearly 52,000 of them. It was the largest crowd at an American sporting event since the pandemic began.

- Welcome to the 2021 NFL draft.

LILIA LUCIANO: In Cleveland, hundreds of fans gathered for an in-person NFL draft. Pandemic weary Americans are rapidly booking things up with heavy demand for flights, rental cars, and airbnb's. It will be a busy summer. That's for sure, Jerrica.

- Absolutely. Lilia Luciana force in Santa Monica. Thank you.