COVID-19 lockdown sparks trend in volunteerism

A website created by three college students is helping volunteers link up with organizations to provide services from food delivery and tutoring to mental health and support for older adults during the coronavirus pandemic. (June 4)

Video Transcript

HADASSAH RASKAS: When I got home from school and I think, like many of my peers, I felt the sense of, I want to do something, but I don't know what to do. There were so many needs and there were so many able and willing volunteers, particularly, college students, high school students, who, all of a sudden, had extra time on their hands, but there was this gap, and there was no way to kind of connect the two. So we started Corona Connect as a way to seamlessly connect the volunteers to COVID-related volunteering opportunities.

ELANA SICHEL: I'm personally tutoring someone. I tutor a fifth grade boy, and it's been a highlight. I'm looking forward to it. He seems to be looking forward to it. Each week, it's a connection that we're making, even though we are distanced. At least, through the internet, through this opportunity, we're able to still connect.


My name's Elana, and I'm taking part in the Corona Cup Challenge. The Corona Connects team nominates you to go take the challenge.

HADASSAH RASKAS: We probably represented five states when we launched the site. Now, we have over 15.

SHALVA GOZLAND: And I think the beauty of this platform is that we're reminding people, you might be geographically and physically alone right now, but we're all interconnected. We're here for you. And we're one society. We're one humanity.

HADASSAH RASKAS: We called this Corona Connect because we thought, and we knew, that corona spreads through droplets, but thought that kindness can spread through connecting.