COVID-19 In Maryland: May 16, 2021

The latest on coronavirus in Maryland.

Video Transcript

- Now to Maryland's fight against COVID-19, case numbers continue to trend down. Less than 370 new cases were reported in the last 24 hours. The positivity rate has dropped to 2.52%, and hospitalizations are also down. The state says more than 66% of Marylanders 18 and up have now gotten at least one dose of the vaccine.

Maryland lifted many pandemic restrictions yesterday. Masks are no longer required in most settings, and restaurants and other businesses no longer have capacity limits. Governor Larry Hogan was on CNN's State of the Union this morning, discussing his decision to lift the mandate for all Marylanders whether they're vaccinated or not. He says it's now up to individual businesses to decide whether they'll still require customers to wear one.

GOVERNOR LARRY HOGAN: So we're giving the businesses the flexibility to do what they think is right, depending on the type of business and their clientele, their customers, their workers. They have the right to take actions just like telling people no shirt, no shoes, no service.