COVID 19 nurse wins week of isolation and movies

An emergency unit nurse from Sweden wins the Goteborg Film Festival prize to spend a week alone on an island watching this year's film festival entries. (31 Jan.)

Video Transcript

LISA ENROTH: It's an opportunity for me, as a nurse, to have some time to reflect and some time to be alone. And it has been a busy year. I've met a lot of people, a lot of patients, and my colleagues every day. So it is a moment of reflection, I think.

And the effect of being alone is-- when it's not chosen by person to be alone, it can be devastating. And I've seen that in our patients, too, especially the old ones that had to isolate, 70 plus patients. And they-- they have been affected. It's-- it's difficult.

JONAS HOLMBERG: It started with us discussing the pandemic and how it has-- how it has changed people's life and people's relationship to cinema because during this pandemic, so many people have turned to cinema when they have been in isolation. They've turned to cinema for company, for comfort, and to have reflections on the state that they are in. But this pandemic has also changed how we experience the films. It feels different to watch the films in this situation.

SANDRA FOGEL: And it feels really strange because you usually want to go to cinema when you want to go, at what time you want to go, and which day you want to go. And now, you cannot do that. So it's a little bit of a-- it's no freedom. So it's a little bit sad too because you don't know what will happen when the pandemic is over.