COVID-19 Spiking In Manhattan Beach With More than 23 New Cases

Liz Spear
·1 min read

MANHATTAN BEACH, CA — Manhattan Beach has gone from 437 confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Friday, Nov. 6 to 460 today [Sunday, Nov. 15] in nine days. The jump of 23 newly confirmed cases shows that more of the city's resident's are testing positive for the coronavirus in a shorter time span than had been the case just a month ago.

The 460 positive cases represents data that has been officially collected since March. The numbers in Los Angeles County are rising, too. On Monday, Nov. 9, the county had 1,431 new cases; on Sunday, Nov. 15, the county had 3,061 new cases of COVID-19 countywide. Daily hospitalization numbers are increasing, too. On Monday, Nov. 9, the county had 855 people hospitalized with COVID-19; on Sunday, Nov. 15, that number has increased to 1.014.

This article originally appeared on the Manhattan Beach Patch