COVID-19 Surge: Dozen Hersey High School students in Arlington Height test positive for coronavirus; 155 quarantined

According to the Cook County Department of Public Health, this is not considered an outbreak because the 12 cases are not related.

Video Transcript

- This afternoon, a dozen students at John Hersey high school now home sick with covid-19.

- The changes every day, you know, and we quarantine efficiently and keep our building as safe as possible.

- The spike in cases at the district 214 high school in Arlington Heights started over the last week, prompting the administration to put nearly 155 students in a required quarantine.

- This includes anybody that's been in close contact as defined by our protocols and guidelines for 15 minutes or more in a 48-hour period.

- The Cook County Department of Public Health says this is not considered an outbreak because the cases are not related.

- Everybody that's reported positive infections has told us that they were with groups of kids without masks on in basements or in eating places like a sandwich shop.

- Over the weekend, staff contact tracing working to control the spread of the virus.

- They have the teacher, classroom seating charts. They look through cameras if they need to. They talk to coaches. They talk to parents. They go into classrooms and they literally measure to see who might be exposed to an infected student.

- Hersey high school, an example of a trend across the state. According to data from the Illinois Department of public health, there are currently 1,206 schools in the state with potential covid-19 exposures. And just Cook County alone, 229 schools have had potential exposure to the virus. Data from Chicago Public schools also shows nearly 400 schools have had at least one confirmed covid-19 case.

- It's been an incredible challenge.

- Asking students to stay on track and follow guidelines. Currently, there are 12 active covid-19 cases here at the high school. A lot of the students who have been diagnosed with the virus in the past week or so, the administration says none of them have been hospitalized. In Arlington Heights, I'm Alexis McAdams, ABC 7 Eyewitness News.