Covid-19 Is Trapping Ecuador Between Death and Debt

Mac Margolis
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    With the US dollar as Ecuador's only currency, and English fluently spoken throughout, I'm guessing this attractive haven of cheep rents and maid service is making many trapped American expat retirees wishing they lived elsewhere.
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    here we go
    I visited Ecuador back in the early 80's .

    There are many Native Ecuadorians selling their goods on the streets, and their craftsmanship is amazing! I loved their crafts and still have them! They are very nice and down to earth people.

    Wishing everyone in Ecuador my VERY BEST wishes and hope this ends soon!

    GOD bless you all and please, BE SAFE!
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    This is the plan worldwide
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    Isn't it doing this to everyone?
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    But Ecuador has around 4000 infected and just around 220 deaths per Google count! How is the picture fitting the stats?
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    Same thing happening in the US as the fed prints $trillions to give to the banksters/Wall Street.US becoming Venezuela.
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    It's happening just about everywhere folks...
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    We have Communist China to thank.
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    The people of Ecuador and the world should read the prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success, from Ecuador.
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    Ecuadorians have the Chinese government and the WHO (World Health Organization) to thank. The Chinese government colluded with the WHO to downplay the seriousness of the Wuhan coronavirus and the speed of its transmission, and as a result, they turned an epidemic into a PANDEMIC.

    Case in point, at 6:18 AM on 14 January, the WHO, using information provided by the Chinese government, tweeted the following:

    "Preliminary investigations by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019 n-Cov) identified in #Wuhan #China".