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COVID-19 Vaccinations Back On Track Following Winter Storms

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Steve Pickett reports from Dallas Fair Park.

Video Transcript

- Here in North Texas, the COVID vaccination campaign meanwhile is back on track after our winter storms of last week. And that includes the start of the so-called super vaccination sites. But Steve Pickett is reporting on an accusation that those sites aren't adding more vaccines, because the state has taken some away.

GEORGE MOTA: Absolutely smooth, fantastic. Well organized.

STEVE PICKETT: George Mota and wife Bess became two of 1,200 getting their second COVID vaccine doses today in Dallas. More than 5,000 seniors receiving their vaccine Sunday and Monday after the Fair Park location shut down last week because of winter storms. But the elected leader of Dallas County is saying he has no more vaccine to give.

CLAY JENKINS: We know what our allotment is for this week from the state, and it is zero.

STEVE PICKETT: County Judge Clay Jenkins can count, but critics say it is how he's counting. This week a federal COVID vaccine super site, with 20,000 vaccine doses, will be operated by FEMA, also located at Fair Park. Jenkins argues the FEMA site will help people in hard hit zip codes only. It won't help, according to Jenkins, the county's efforts to continue its focus on vaccinating registered seniors.

CLAY JENKINS: The state has taken the doses from both Dallas and Tarrant County for new shots, and giving them to people in other parts of the state.

STEVE PICKETT: Spokesperson for state health services says Dallas, Tarrant, and Harris County have a windfall of more than 84,000 doses this week with FEMA super sites, including a site at AT&T stadium. And as a result, the state's vaccine allocation panel recommended sending additional doses to other parts of the state.

- For people.

- I think it is essential that everybody take their shot.

- What's the date of birth, Ms. Clovis?

STEVE PICKETT: Jenkins argues that more Texans cannot get shots if the state simply takes doses from one pot and puts them in another. In Dallas, Steve Pickett, CBS 11 News.

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